Frequently Asked Questions about Fiberglass Swimming Pools

What Is the Durability of a Fiberglass Pool?

Practically bulletproof can even withstand an earthquake!

What Is the Flexibility-Strength of a Fiberglass Pool?

17 times stronger than concrete.

What Are the Ongoing Repair Costs?

No ongoing repair costs.

What If I Want to Relocate My Fiberglass Pool?

Relocation is a possibility. With concrete it’s not possible.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Fiberglass Pool?

3-4 days.

What Is the Most Cost-Effective Type of Pool?

Fiberglass swimming pools are the most cost-effective.

How Do I Get a Fiberglass Pool?

It’s as easy as contacting us. We will connect you with an authorized Dolphin pool installer near you.

Contact us today with any other questions you may have about acquiring a fiberglass swimming pool. We proudly serve Egg Harbor City, NJ.